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Books, podcasts, websites and other resources I have found helpful on my journey.


The Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri Nouwen- Great book about how much God loves us, if you have never read Henri Nouwen before I highly recommend him.

The Great Divorce and The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis- I love all his books but some are easier reads than others and still say just as much. These are both short, easy to read and pack a powerful message about what life is really all about.

The Power of I Am by Joel Osteen- Very different kind of book but super encouraging, my favorite line is ‘What follows the I am follows you’ ie I am loved.

Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret by Mrs Howard Taylor- Hudson Taylor was the founder of the China Inland Mission and spent most of his life serving the Lord there. However he lived a powerful life of faith, trust and hope in the Lord and saw God move in amazing ways.

George Muller: Delighted in God by Roger Steer- If you have never heard of George Muller make this book a priority. George Muller was a German who moved to Bristol in the 19th century and established orphanages that ultimately served thousands of orphans at a time when there was no government help. But most strikingly he did not believe in public appeals and so lived completely by faith. His life and the many, miraculous answers to prayers that he experienced have made him a hero of mine. If there is one person I would like to meet and thank in Heaven it is George Muller. The book is old fashioned but it’s contents are timeless.

Strengthen Yourself in the Lord by Bill Johnson- A great book that is very encouraging about how to not only survive but thrive when you have no one else to support you but the Lord. The story of David’s time on the run from Saul.

The Circle Maker by Mark Patterson- A book about the power of prayer, if you need some contemporary encouragement related to prayer this is the book for you!


I run a bit more charismatic in the podcasts but mainly because I need to listen to messages that will build me up and not make feel worse.

Joel Osteen Audio Podcast– I know he has many detractors but hands down Joel Osteen is the biggest and most passionate advocate for the single person. There is hardly a message where he does not talk about how God has a great person for everyone. This is so rare and I appreciate it so much!

Bethel Church Sermon of the Week– A range of speakers from Bethel my favourite is Bill Johnson with his son Eric Johnson a close second.

Joseph Prince Audio Podcast– Fantastic pastor from Singapore who preaches the goodness and grace of God with amazing Biblical insights. I really recommend him for anyone who struggles with addictions or health issues, he knows how to bring it!

Hillsong London Audio Podcast- This a great channel because they have so many wonderful guest speakers from all over the world.

TD Jakes Audio Podcast– He may be getting older but Bishop Jakes still preaches like a 20 year old. Inspiring and challenging messages from a man who has been through a lot!

Igniting Hope Ministries Podcast– Wonderful ministry from Steve and Wendy Backlund out of Bethel. The most uplifting ministry regarding hope that I know. They have several books but their preaching is really the most powerful. Check them out on Youtube too. In Lent each year they run a Negativity Fast and Positivity Fast which is profound, don’t miss it.


Breaking Christian News– Where to get the good news and news from a Christian perspective on what is going on in our world. Mainly US focused but some good international content too.

Faithwire– Another news site with encouraging stories of what God is doing around the world

Generals International– Prophetic Ministry of Cindy Jacobs, always encouraging and she has monthly messages of hope.

Single Friendly Church– A UK Based ministry to champion singles and the involvement of all singles in the church. They have news and events for those based in the UK.

LICC– The London Institute of Contemporary Christianity, founded by well known single John Stott and has mission of empowering Christians in all walks of life, especially the workplace. They also run an annual course for Christians who work in secular leadership roles, Executive Toolbox which I highly recommend.